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Trauma Insurance

Providing a lump sum in the wake of a critical illness such as heart attack, stroke or cancer.

What is Trauma insurance?

Trauma (or critical illness) insurance provides a lump sum upon diagnosis of a specified illness such as heart attack, cancer or stroke. Although the funds from a claim can be used for any purpose, the cover is designed to meet the unforeseen costs resulting from a trauma event such as medical expenses and loss of income. This cover is typically held personally with premiums not deductible and benefits received tax-free.

Trauma Insurance
facts & figures

The below points are drawn from claims experience of Austbrokers Life from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.


Average age
at claim


of clients held
other insurance


Related to
heart conditions


claim paid

More Information

Although in Australia we have a wonderful public health system and this is supported by a strong private health system, the financial impact of an unforeseen trauma can have a drastic impact, especially those conditions with a lifelong impact. The policy wording of trauma insurance is essential and varies greatly between insurers and policies so care should be given when considering this type of cover.

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